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We develop and sell metallic-allergy-conscious products.

Titanium Hairpin for People with Metallic Allergy Made by Sabae Artisan Adult/Kids

Titanium Hairpin for People with Metallic Allergy
Titanium Hairpin for People with Metallic Allergy

◆First in the world※ Special Titanium Alloy Hairpin free of rust and itch
◆Hairpin for you made carefully by Artisan of Sabae
◆Prevention of Metallic Allergy
※Based on our Research


【No itch with safe metal】Uses less harmful metal
【No rust with special titanium】You can use it repeatedly and safely
【Designed by hairdresser】Curve corresponding to head line so painless

-Elaborate Craftsmanship by Artisan-

-Elaborate Craftsmanship by Artisan-

Sabae, Fukui prefecture is the holy ground of eye glasses with elaborate craftsmanship.

Titanium hairpin for people with metallic allergy is hairpin made by the glass artisan of Sabae.

All Made In Japan hair pin


■ Black / Nomal Type ■
■ Black  Type ■
■ Gold / Nomal Type ■
■ Gold Type ■
■Kids / Black■
■ Kids / Black ■
■Kids / Black■
■ Kids / Gold ■

◆Material・・・Fukui-City, Fukui Prefecture Japan
◆Processing・・・Sabae-City, Fukui Prefecture Japan
◆Design・・・Shinagawa, Tokyo
◆Sales・・・Only in Japan (as for October 2015)

■ Custmer Voice ■

Visiting Beauty Care Soyokaze has used our Titanium hairpin as a monitor.


◆ Review of Titanium hairpin by Visiting Beauty Care Soyokaze

Visiting Beauty Care Soyokaze Representative Ms. Touki
Representative Ms. Touki

■Q1. Why did you choose hairpin of MAS Japan?■

A1. Among our customers, there are those who can’t use hair dressing and makeup because of allergy. I found your hairpin when I was looking for allergy-conscious product in both domestic and international market in order to bring “Beauty service gentle to skin and hair regardless of age”. We want to support customers with metallic allergy by offering titanium hairpin that doesn’t cause allergy to their life event such as Shichigosan, coming-of-age ceremony and marriage.


■Q2. What was the reason you trusted our hairpin?■

A2. I trust in its publishing component analysis result of analysis agency in addition to its full components labeling. Me myself actually have allergy so full components labeling is really assuring when purchasing. Also Ms. Suzuki, the developer has metallic allergy so she can have detail concerns and it makes us trust more in your company.


■Q3. Is there anything you feel better by using titanium hairpin?■

A3. That I have more occasions to see customers’ smile and sensation! People who are sensitive to hair dressing or hairpin seldom “grow their hair for a life event” and some even say that “since I can’t put up my hair even if it’s long, I give up being beautiful.” Every time I see customers with smile saying “I will be able to dress up!” with titanium hairpin, I feel fortunate that I started using titanium hairpin and started “Soyokaze”.


■Q4. What is the reaction of your clients when actually using titanium hairpin?■

A4. I’ve heard that “I almost forgot wearing hairpin”. Maybe there is no discomfort like “something is wrong” that people with sensitive skin or allergy often feel. Though there is no “safe for all” in allergy because symptom differs by person to person, I really think this product is worth trying for those who look for product safety.


◆ Actual voice of Customers ◆

・I had itches every time I used hairpin but I didn’t have any problem with this hairpin
(Woman, 40s, living in Kanagawa,Japan)
・Though I thought it’s expensive, I’m interested since titanium won’t have metallic allergy.
(Woman, 30s, living in Kanagawa,Japan)
・Adult hairpin has a unique form. It is easier to wear compared to normal hairpin.
(Woman, 20s, living in Kanagawa,Japan)

titaniumu hairpin use
titaniumu hairpin use2

Message from CEO


With my own experience of suffering from metal allergies for more than 20 years, I have always dreamed of a day of not worrying about them at all.

MASJapan Ltd.’s mission is to become a leading company in the area of metal allergies and provide a comfortable living environment for people having trouble with them.

MASJapan Ltd. (the “Company”) mainly specializes in development and marketing of products for metal allergies. On November 21, 2015, the Company launched the world’s first titanium-made hair pins, entirely designed and produced in Japan.

The Company shall continue to provide original products not only for people suffering from metal allergies but also for people trying to stay away from allergy problems.

In addition, the Company carries other service lines related to metal allergies, including the following:
scientific inspection services on behalf of companies developing products for metal allergies;
consulting services for companies marketing products for metal allergies;
seminar/training programs for both companies and consumers to keep them up to date with metal allergy information; and
examination kits for health-conscious consumers to check their mineral levels.

Currently, it is said that one out of three people suffer from some kind of metal allergy.
Given the situation, the Company shall pursue its mission to become a leading company in the area of metal allergies to raise awareness for both consumers and manufactures.